our participations 

Bohlen Industrie GmbH holds significant shares in the stock company Feierabend AG, a successful internet portal for “best agers”. In addition, Bohlen Industrie GmbH manages properties near Essen and Hamburg.

Feier@bend AG

The Bohlen Group holds a minority stake in Feierabend AG, whose range is defined by the website. is a social network that was founded in 1988 as the first German-speaking internet club for the "50 plus" generation. With around 180,000 members and an average age of 60, it is the largest German-language site of its kind. According to the IVW, around 700,000 people visit the site every month.

In September 2008, the service was awarded the special prize of Germany's "Best Community" in the "Wege ins Netz" competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The free offer does not receive any state subsidies and is financed solely by advertisements. Just two years after it was founded, Feierabend AG was already profitable, making it one of the first dot-com companies in Germany to achieve this.

In January 2013, Feierabend AG took over its competitor Platinnetz.